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Me and my boyfriend of 4 years had sex for the first time a couple of weeks ago we used a condom but I am not on birth control. We're not trying for a baby but it would be a blessing in disguise. But about 2 weeks after I had sort of a period but It was weird unlike my other periods. The first 2 days were heavy then the 3rd on and off then heavy and then light the last days. I took a HPT when the bleeding was super light and it was negative and then another just yesterday and it was also negative. But could I still be pregnant? Before the 'period' I was having abdominal pain below my belly button cramps and was bloated. Which is why I bought an HPT. Could I still be pregnant though after a 7 day "period" ?


It is very unlikely to be pregnant and have a full period with heavy bleeding. A period is the shedding of the uterine wall lining. If you were pregnant it would cause a miscarriage to bleed heavy and for seven days. Using condoms is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy but if used correctly can be pretty effective. Since you have negative hpt's and had a period there is probably no reason to worry about pregnancy.