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i put chap stick on before i layed in the tanning lips were on fire a few minutes after i got in the tanning bed so i immediately had to get out...yesterday thay were swollen like a bee stung them and today they are severely dry.....what is goin on and what should i use now and before i lay in the tanning bed?


Hello there,

I am sure that you have read the instructions before you went into the tanning bad. It is said that no makeup, no creams and balsams, no perfume should be on your body when entering tanning bed. People don’t care about this warning because in most cases nothing happens but few people can develop allergic reaction. It can be manifested as swollen and tender, dry and chapped lips, redness of the skin or dry skin.

You need to consult your doctor about this and since you are using tanning bad quite often, I presume this from your story, you need to be well informed about good and bad things of artificial tan. I hope that you will take care better of yourself in the future.