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So im 17 years old. when i was 13/14 i made out with this high school guy. it was a deep kiss and like a week or so after that, my lips got so bad like beyond chapped, and it was extremly dry around my mouth really red ugly and infected. alla round my mouth. i went to the doctors and he gave me a cream to help it so i used the cream after like 2 weeks it got a little better, about a month went away. but ever since then theyre always dry on the inner rims, like alwaysssss. and i feel like theyre a bit redder then usual. so i put cover up on them. my doctor kind of ignores me so ive been basically just putting cover up on them for the last 3-4 years. can anyone help or know what this could be?
i remeber i had the softest lips ever before and i used to get compliments on them.
should i bring it up to the doctor again ?
he seems to not understand, should i ask him to see a lip specialist or something ?


Hello, i dont think that constant dry and chapped lips now have anything to do with the fact that you kissed someone. I mean, it could have caused those problems for you back then but you solved your problem with that cream. It sounds like a coincidence that you are having dry lips after you had them infected. I think you just misinterpreted the situation. You might consider changing some of the make up you use, or you should try different chap stick , maybe your lips are just reacting to some chemicals. I dont think you should bring it up to doctor, he will not listen to you about this. Other thing you could do is to make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day because dry lips are often sign of dehydration.