THERE HAVE BEEN PEOPLE THAT HAVE HAD SCABIES FOR MONTHS OR EVEN A YEAR WHO HAVE BEEN CURED BY DOIN THIS ONCE. ANYONE Almost can do this. 1) Start boiling all the water you can fit on your stove in the biggest pots you have on the highest heat you have(may not have to if water gets hot enoug. 2) While they're getting to a boil, Get a timer vapable of 20min countdown. Also get 500grams (17.85ounces) (2cups?) of salt. table salt like you would put in your food (I think sea salt has also cured people of scabies). 3) when the pots are at a boil, Get in the bathtub and start the water on as hot as you can possibly stand it while having on the fastest output of water you can with the drain still unplugged (so that you can start with the hottest water possible when you plug the drain) Then 4) once you have it as hot as you can stand it, plug the drain to start with the hottest possible water flowing as fast as you can. 5) let the water fill up enough to add the 500grams of salt (about half of your foot should be sticking up out of the water, toes pointing towards the ceiling while half submerged in water. This is the stage you add all 500grams of the salt to the hot water and mix/stir it all in as thoroughly as possible. 6) Then, as you get used to the heat and are capable of making it hotter, turn the heat up more as hot as you can stand, then get used to it again and turn it up to as hot as you can stand again and keep repeating this while periodically relaxing down into the bath at small intervals that you can handle. The goal is for you to be able to fit as much of your body as you can under the water while getting it hotter and hotter and being at the point where it's as hot as you can possibly stand with room enough for you to add the stove water later. 7) Now start the timer for 20 minutes. 8) when you are as used to the water as you are going to get, start adding the stove water SLOWLY without burning yourself (pour it as far as you can away from you) until your tub is near full or you run out of water. Relax slowly into the water a little bit at a time until you have as Much water as you can over your entire body. 9) This is the hard part. Force yourself to Stay all the way in the water until the timer runs out. Scream, grunt, cry, or do whatever you have to to stay in the tub. 10). If it's possible at some point during the wait, move the water around you for extra heat. There will be an intense itching when it's really hot but if you go past this point it can start to feel so hot it feels good, like scratching. 11). When the timer is done get out and drip dry NO TOWEL DRY (TO allow salt to be on you and working as long as possible) but if you must, then pat dry with clean cloths. Don't wipe yourself. 12) cool off and enjoy your immense and immediate relief from that horrible itching, wait until you have fully drip dried enough to put on fresh clothes. 14) consider similar less harsh treatment for your face and head while using a snorkel or some sort of breathing under water thing. 13) repeat once more as needed later or the next day if you need it. 14) Kiss those mites AND EGGS good bye that were literally boiled alive and dehydrated to death by the salt (sometimes possible to look at bottom of your tub and see all the c**p that came out of your skin from the heat and pressure). The salt gets really deep into the burrow air holes and the pores of your skin when the water is that hot. It kills surface mites almost instantly and gets to the mites underneath and eggs and dehydrates them, robbing them of the moisture in our skin that they need to survive as well as sometimes being brought to the surface by that level of heat right into the salt death trap insta-kill. heat treat the ENTIRE BODY THIS WAY. Some have reported all wounds healed within 24hrs. THE ONLY WAY THIS FAILS IS IF YOUR WATER IS NOT HOT ENOUGH. OR HOT ENOUGH FOR LONG ENOUGH