ok so i am 19 and iv ben smoking pot for like 4 years and smoked cigs for like 3 and was a really light smoker maybe 2 or 3 cigs a day maybe none if i didn't want one.so i quite cigs and still smoke pot but one day i was having trouble breathing and went into this i have lung cancer thing i was all depressed and was coughing a lot and was coughing up weird greyish almost brown loogies and was convinced that i would be dead i a year.man i was depressed never ben so sad my family and my lady all said i was fine.my mom and dad don't know bout the pot but went to doc he listened to my lungs and i asked him to listne again he said my lungs soundedfine and that i might have some light respiratory desies and gave me a script for anxiaty meds didnt realy take them and he gave me an albuteral inhailer and i still feel like my breathing is off not that i cant breath just cant stop thinking about it and i hear my heart beathing and i think he said my heart was in great shape so why do i feel like im slowly gunnarun out of air if it doesnt go waway soon i gunna get a weed vaporizer they make the pot go to a gas form and its 90% less harsh on the lungs but i dont use pot all the time like on weekends i smoke pot mayb once aday and maybe once during the day if im alone.al i want to know is dose anyone think i sould do something im getting realy scard and i just need some one to tell me something. the more i think about it the more scard i get and its turned into a complete phobia i mean what i cant breath you die.i dont want to suffocate please some one help i am soworried so just give me youre real thoughts i need them.