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I have had asthma my whole life but it has been dormant except for when I have bronchitis and I need to use a nebulizer. For the past year I have had bronchitis 3 times and am experiencing wheezing on exhalation for the past couple weeks. I do lead a bit of a stressful life but it seems like I cough more now and feel a raspy driplike feeling in my throat at times and have been waking up around 3am with wheezing when I exhale. I do not feel like I have bronchitis or a cold; any suggestions or advise. I do use the albuteral inhaler during these times and it does stop the wheezing for the most part but after I have taken about 6-7 puffs. I also talk alot during the day for my job which causes me to cough as well at times.
Any advise would be appreciated, thankyou.


maybe the website owner shopuld concentrate on helping people getting their questions answered,They seem to of had plenty of time pushing advertisements in our face though