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US chest physicians report that over-the-counter cough syrups that promise quick relief without a prescription have never been proven to treat coughs.
Regardless the fact that billions of dollars are spent every year in the United States on over-the-counter cough syrups, these syrups don’t contribute much to relieving coughs but they certainly contribute to one thing-they delay treatment for more serious whooping coughs and other problems.

The problem with the syrups is that the dose of drugs is too low to be effective or contain combinations of drugs that have never been proven to treat coughs.

Health officials and doctors advise adults to receive a new adult vaccine for whooping cough, which had been approved last year and take their children to pediatricians when they start coughing.

On the other hand, makers of these over-the-counter medications deny physicians’ words and guidelines and say that over-the-counter cough medicines provide relief to millions of people each year.


I used over counter cough syrups and always have for any cough however this cough was pnemonia and I did more harm than good

be aware these medicines can mask the true causes