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I am a 27year old female. I have had chest pains, discomfort for 8 months now, They started after taking some Dr precribed diet pills, i stoped taking them when this started but the chest pain has not ever went away. I also have pain in my left calf, The pain kinda feels like i have a chest cold mostly under my breast and i can feel it in my back as well. It never stops it just fades but is always present. It seems to get worse when i eat, like i have tons of pressure on my lung and it gets dificult to breathe. It also gets worse when i lay down to go to sleep, I also have a jumping efect of the heart. It will just jerk almost like it stops for 2 seconds but quickly returns to normal. I have dizzie spells alot. I have gained 20 lbs over the coarse of 8 mo since this started. Sometimes if feel just like i want to take off running because the short of breathness and pain. I have had test done, blood test, ekg, pulmonary function, xrays, ct scans. I have taken medications , pain pills, inhalers, nerve pills, anti depresants, I have seen a pulmonary doc been to the er a lot but still nothing wrong! Has anyone had the same problems? Were they solved!


No I have not had the same symptoms as you except severe chest pain which was ruled out as a heart problem so it was diagnoseed as anziety and xanax took care of it

You have a few symptoms so could be something else.

If you feel really bad go to the emergency room, if you can wait call your doctor tomorrow and let he or she know how you feel