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I was a smoker for 44 years.  Never considered myself a very heavy smoker (at most a pack a day).  I was diagnosed with lupus about two years ago and that and other issues led me to finally give up the cigarettes which I can control.  It has been 83 days now since I had a cigarette (quit cold turkey), and I have never felt so miserable.  The first couple of weeks were fine.  I did not experience the shakes or any of the other symptoms you hear about when someone quits.  I was just waiting on the good stuff to happen.  Anyway going into the third week, I really started feeling terrible.  Headaches, shortness of breath, chest pains and so on.  Although, my breathing has improved, I also continue to have shortness of breath and chest pains for no reason.  Even though I smoked; I was always active and athletic.  Now I barely feel like doing anything.  Just walking up the stairs in my home causes the SOB to come on.  Its really bizarre.  I've already had all the medical test; pulmonary function, chest xrays, and so on.  All came back normal.  The doctor told me to give it a couple more months.  Actually, I don't have a choice; but I wonder if anyone else this far in to quitting still feels these affects?  This is very disconcerting!  I know that I won't pick up a cigarette again but I just want to know if this is a permanent thing or will it go away at some point.  


Hello, I think I also have most of your symptoms. I'm 34 years old and smoking for about 15 years a pack a day (20 tigaretes daily). I had a pneumonia 3 months ago and I was into the hospital for 1 week to treat pneumonia and what appears to be asthma (chest pain, short and hard breath that are easier when lay down on the bed and so on, I'm feeling dizzy). Doctors say it is because of astma also all asthma tests says my lungs are OK. All medication for asthma has no efect or very small effect. I feel someting at the base of my neck and ocasionaly (once/week) I'm caughing from my neck and things go better for a few hours and then I go back to misery.
How do you feel now? Are you better? Please reply to me

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