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I am 55, and have just upped my training for triathlons. I like to bike, and don't mind doing hills,,it is usually where I make up time, however, I now find it really hard to get my breathing right, and I get a pain in my chest when I inhale. Anyone else experienced this , and have any ideas? jI have had my heart checked out, and no problems there,,, 
I know some people experience this while running and have changed to breathing in through their nose,, but not sure I could do that while going up a long hill. 


Hey Sue, chest pain during cycling can be caused by many different reasons  for example heartburn or acid reflux symptoms, inched nerves, fibromyalgia or a bruised rib etc But in your case I guess is just a result of breathing too hard during your hill cycling. My advice is that you check some instructions on proper breathing during your exercise or check your intensity. Slow it down, if need be. Maybe environment has something which doesn't suite your lungs or something other in your respiratory system, try to change the hill :P Hope this helped and you find solution for your problem.