How can you measure your fitness from year to year or during your present season? Use time trials for an accurate evaluation of your fitness. For running and cycling pick courses that have different lengths or challenges, such as hills. For these time trial courses, pick points for time checks. These time checks let you know what kind of pace you are setting. For my bike uphill time trial, I have a time check at the 2/3 point. Since last year, I have improved my time by 45 seconds over the 3.4 mile steep course. I have raced up this hill 16 times this season. The all time record up this hill was set by a rider that has broken uphill records set by Lance Armstrong. For running I have time trial courses that I use to test my fitness and to sharpen the mental focus that I need for racing. My courses give me a consistent measurement of my fitness and they teach me to push hard when I don t have people to race against. In cycling time trials are called The Race of Truth . Keep special pages in your training log for your time trial results. If it is windy, hot, or very cold; record that also because that affects your performance. When I lived in Danville California for 15 years, I have 98 times listed for a 5 mile uphill on Mt. Diablo.