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Hi, I'm new and desperate to find answers to my problem. I am a 28 year old guy and I've always suffered with stomach problems. I've been prescribed Lansoprazole for many years and also anti-depressants.

In December 2006 I had a bad bout of Gastroenteritis and since then my bowels have never been the same. I used to suffer with loose stools every so often (mainly due to a bad diet I think) but since having Gastroenterisits, I've been getting loose stools at least 3 times a week.

There'll be days when I have to go to the toilet 3 or 4 times and a lot of the time my stools have been loose, foul smelling and yellow. I have recently finished a course of anti-biotics to try and get rid of any bug that may be left behind from my Gastroenterisits, but I don't feel that much better.

I am beginning to wonder if I am lactose intolerant, but don't know how to confirm this. I also think I might be sugar intolerant. My GP told me to stay off dairy products for 2 weeks and that did help a little bit, but I was taking Imodium most of the time, so I don't know if that was stopping the loose stools or not.

I also have terrible cravings for sugar. I often raid the sugar bowl and end up having quite a few teaspoons of sugar a week. Is this a sign of a sugar intolerance?

I'm so fed up. I just went 2 days without any Imodium and then I got another attack of loose stools tonight. And I got stomach ache. I do suffer from stress and anxiety, but that's why I was prescribed anti-depressants.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I think I'm going to have to go back to my GP, but I hate going because I'm always there and I'm worried he's just going to say it's IBS.

Thanks for listening,



I've had a similar problem for a while. I was going about 3-4 times a day, but since going on anti deps it's gone down to 1-2, but they are never formed.
I haven't had milk for ages, because large quantities kept making me go to the toilet. I tried cutting out wheat, but it had little effect. When I re introduced it into my diet, I had normal BMs for 2 days!!
Odd. My Dr has referred me to a gastroenterologist and i'm just being left now until god knows when.

I've been doing relaxation techniques and stuff, because I was majorly stressed. I have days where I feel fine, then oneday I sit on the loo and it's just like sludge coming out o.O and i can't get off the toilet. :$

But yeah, I don't really know what to say. I can bet you being depressed/anxious has made it worse. My tummy is terrible at work, but rarely at the weekend when i don't work.
Go see a chinese Dr.

I'm saving up for a course of acupuncture after I had one session and had normal formed BMs for about 6 days and I felt quite zingy and alive. I was totally sceptical too before hand and when I came out. however the next day I felt amazing.

take care


Also, have you had any counselling for your stress anxiety?
It may really help. My anxiety isn't so bad. My brother's was terrible (we had a tough childhood) but he's fine since seeing a good counsellor (prob be about £30 session). He had a bad tummy too. He's also been having massages and seeing a chiropractor to get all the stress out your body.

Have a look at 'autonomic overload'-this is largely ignored in western medicine.


Hiya 'Mooglet'

Thanks a lot for your reply. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer too. I mean, it's nice to know others do, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

I never really considered going for acupuncture, but I might look into it.

I have had counselling, yes thanks. I saw my college counsellor for about 2 years, then I went onto having Psychotherapy. A lot of my problems have stemmed from being bullied at school and then having to go through sex change re-assignment (female to male) I'm still not over my issues, but it's getting better.

I've tried hypnotherapy but it didn't work. I think it's because the therapist wasn't doing proper hypnosis. I'm thinking of trying it again, but I'm not working so it's rather expensive.

Thanks again and I'll post again soon :-)



I hope I'm replying to the right posting.

As far as issues with loose stools... and possibly the sugar cravings ~ have you had any blood work done to check for celiac disease?

Celiac may best be described as a body's intolerance to gluten (found in many commons grains). Wheat contains gluten and in U.S. culture we are surrounded by mountains of cheap, highly processed wheat products.

Gstrointestinal issues are often one of the most problematic and noticible signs of celiac disease.

Also, dairy products contains casein, a dairy protein that resembles gluten.

I would suggest that you ask your gastro dr to run some blood test for celiac sprue. You might also want to google celiac and see what you think.

The excessive sugar cravings could also have something to do with an overgrowth of candida yeast. Going back to eating wheat/gluten WOULD make the little yeasties happier... and you'd have more energy. In this country, taking carbs out of your diet by avoiding wheat could leave you feeling worse due to low energy levels.

I have been on a diet for six years that excludes both gluten & casein. No wheat (and many other grains) and no dairy. This may not be the solution to your problems, but it may bear further looking in to.

I wish you good luck!

Of course, it's been months since your post... you may be feeling better by now anyway.



Hi Jill, thanks for your reply. I have been a lot better recenty, but I had a bad case of the poops again tonight. I think it's because I ate an entire packet of sweets in one go last night....

Since posting about my problems, I've started drinking Lactose free milk and trying to keep off wheat and gluten. I noticed that if I cut down on sugar and chocolate I seemed to be a bit better.

Stress makes me have loose stools too but I have been stressed a lot recently and not had too many loose stools.

I was tested for a gluten intolerence and it was clear. I reckon I'm still intolerant and I must be intolerent to lactose as well.

Thanks for everyone's replies and I'm sorry I keep forgetting to reply to these messages!


Tums EX-750 Calcium is the solution. Take two every time you eat and it works immediately. Sounds like you are lactose intolerant. Tums works because one of the side effects of Tums is constipation. I guarantee you, your life will change for the better. My doctor recommended that for me and i have not had the problem since!!!! Hope this helps