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What is the best, accurate and reliable way to diagnose the kidney stone and uterus stone. Sonography OR X-Ray. 

From last months i have Pain in the right side of my Abdomen and Back. Pain gets Worst while sitting. Pain sometime More and sometime less.  Is the X-Ray is the Good to detect the Stone..??

CT-Scan is too costly for me. What is the minimum cost of CT-scan in India.


Hi Kunal,

Uterus stone?  Do you mean uterus fibroids OR do you mean ureter stones?

I'm thinking ureter, as it's more related to the kidney stone.

An x-ray may not provide enough resolution to detect a small stone.  A CT scan can often detect very tiny stones.

A urography, in which the patient is given an IV with a contrast solution and then x-rayed may help locate the stone.

I can't answer the costs in India.

Your doctor is your best resource.

Good luck.



Hi, are you asking for ureter or bladder stone? Renal stone or bladder stone can be easily diagnosed with the help of ultra sonography abdomen. Even intravenous pylogram is useful for detecting renal stone or bladder stone .the cost of CT scan of abdomen in India is approximately 4,5000 rupees.