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I was just recenty tested positive for chlymidia, was with my gf for six years and we have never given each other any diseases. i recently had unprotected sex with somebody else (lady X), about 5 or 6 times, about a week later i had itching in my penis and tested positive for chlamydia. The girl i was with(lady x) also had some discomfort earlier and was treated for a uti before i got my chlamydia test results. after a positive result for me, i told here (lady x) that i tested postive and she got tested a few days later and treated at the same time. Her test came back negative. Could uti medication cause a false result.? I havent had sex with anyone since i tested positive. My gf and i had not had sex for about a month so i decided to cheat (and we still havent) but i hadn"t had sex with my gf for a whole month before i cheated until present. How could i develop symptoms 1 week after having unprotected sex with someone else and they are negative?


Yea I had the same problem with a girl. Except she was the only person I had, had sex with in a year. I told her, she went and got tested and came out negative. She called back to curse me out for accusing her but she was the only person in a year and she thought I was lying. But sometimes I think the test is negative even though you have it I'm actually going through that problem now I had tested positive and now whenever I get tested at my school I get a negative.

But If she was like the girl in my story just know that she either had it and is lying or is dumb and can't tell when someone is trying to help her out.