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In the past month sometimes when i talk i seem to have developed a clicking noise at the back of my nose/throat - every word or so- i think it mostly happens when my throat is drier - but this is getting to be a problem - i thought i might have a cold, but it seems ongoing and is embarrassing and inconvenient. Any ideas?


I'm sorry I can't offer any advice of how to stop it or what it is exactly, but I can say that I have exactly the same thing.

When I hold my nose, and open my mouth, the clicking is much louder. I've also looked inside my mouth when it's happening, and it's the soft palate 'spasming' up and down, up and down causing the clicking sound.

From my search on Google, it could be something related to the jaw. I also have had a pain just under the jaw bone on my left side..more so than the right. I've had it for ages, but just notice the clicking noise a few weeks ago.

Edit: I now know what it is. I've got TMJ. The clicking is the jaw clicking, and you can hear it loudly in your ears because it's located just underneath them.