anyone can help my husband has been taking dyhdrocodine for about 5 months and is now taking them because he is addicted he takes up to 5 or 6 at a time twice a day sometimes 3 times a day 30 mg if he doesnt have them or ant get them he vill get blue valium from the streets (fake one most of the time) so god knows whats in them and if he starts taking the he keeps taking themm night after night till he realises stops and then starts the dyhydrocodiene again he want to come off them but wants to try himself any tips /help wuld be apreciated as u can see frm some of my post on this site  a couple of years ago (if u go further into my profile ) i too ws addicted to a drug cocodmal 30/500 andweaned myself off them im sure the symptoms he will get are going to be similar to mine though im not sure if themaybe will be more severeas its dyhydroconde and not cocodomal i thought all codiene was the same but maybe not i will try to help hi as much as i can but i found this site quite helpfil last year and i suggestede he go on here to seek out help/advice talk tp people who know what its like what to expect that sort of thing when i cut myslf down i did gradually cut down on what i was taking  in the weeks beore i went cold turkey  but t was hard and i cant see exactly what he takes whn he takes it he does not get these fro the doctor he buys them off somone else that does and really wants to give p finally admitting how many he is taking is the start but i had a lot of self control and motivation in the fact i was going to be trying to get pregnant and as i hit the 3 week ark f not taking anything i found out i was 3 weeks pregnant fate or what someone up there knew something lol anyway enough about me back to hubby is it best to cut him down gradually over the next  couple weeks and when hes down to a few cold turky like what i did he doesnt ant to go to the doctor about it just yet f this doesnt work though he will have to and that may mean methadone and he doesnt want to go down that route he does work but in the last couple weeks he has had a couple of days of due to these tablets and he is determined now thanks i advance