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Do the symptoms of excruciating pain radiate and cross over from the hip to and around the inner thigh crossing over to outer calf(ocassionally mild knee) and down the center of tibia to near ankle in both tendonitis and trochanter bursitis? Or does the bursitis effect only hip area? Could you display the muscles, fascia and tendons or nerves and bones that could be effected in both or which may distinguish one from the other?????


Hi guys. Well, there are many bursas all over our body so it's really hard to distinguish one from another but overall I think that bursitis can affect other areas other than hip area but I am not quite sure. Can you tell us more about your issue because you didn't describe it very much? I would suggest you, if you have hip bursitis to go and see a specialist about this issue, and you should also do an x ray because that would certainly create a picture about your condition. See someone about this issue and get in touch with us again.