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Hello i am a 28 year old female who was just recently diagnosed with hip bursitis by mri and xray. The strange thing about my situation and the way in which this came about is a complete mystery since beleive it or not it came out of nowhere. I have Lupus (SLE) and I have good days and bad days and mornings are paticulary troublsome for me. Mornings are miserable because it is the time of day when i have the most pain and seems to be when my arthritis is most prevalent. So thats why the day this happened makes this such a surprisre! Last thursday when i woke up it was the first morning i woke up in a long time and have been completly pain free, I felt great! So that afternoon i decided to take my son to see a movie at the movie theatre because i did feel so good and i was in a great mood. when the movie was over we got up to leave I suddenly felt this pain in my right hip and i said to myself this is strange i was just sitting and enjoying a good movie what in gods name is it now. It wasnt exsruciating at this point so i was able to drive home no problem got out of the car went into the house to get dinner started. I got the pork chops seasoned them put them in the oven as i turned around after placing my dinner in the oven i suddenly felt liked someone just took a knife stabbed me in the hip and kept rotating it, i was in so much pain i cant even compare it to any pain ive ever expierienced. I was screaming and crying so my 6 year old son ran over to come help me he triedto help me stand but every time i would extend my body to try to stand the pain got worse and worse. So i was on all fours and my son help me to the couch thinking sitting would help it but as i began to sit this burning shap pain got worse in my right hip and outer thigh so the only position i could remain in was slumped over the arm ofthe couch with half my body. Ultimatly i went to the ER where they did xrays and an mri confirmed the bursitis and hospitalized me because of how serious the pain was and other serious medical conditions. My condition seemed like it was improving for 2 days then all the sudden goten worse day by day with no improvment. I cant walk i cant lay flat on my back so it have to try to lay on my side so when i fall asleep i stay asleep for an hour 2 the most and the pain wakes me up the most sleep i get during a day is uaually an hour if im lucky 2. Im physically and emotionally exhausted and i dont know what to do, on top of this while ive been here at the hospital my electrolytes have been extremely low and theweird this is im eating and drinking fine no vomiting or diahrriea . The nurses are constantly replacing my potassium, magnisium, and calcium via IV and oral supplements. So the mystery tothe docs as well as the bursitis is this electrolyte imbalance we know why my calcium is low i have no parathyroid function due to my diagnosis with thyroid cancer and the damage and removal of them because of tumor through 6 neck dissections. but still ive been on my supplments at home and here no problem and the mag and the potassium where is this coming from ? One thing we know is for some reason my body is not absorbing and is dumping my electrolytes spilling out into my urine. This bursitis is getting worse and more and more debilitating and this mysterious electrolyte imbalence at the same time where is this coming from can someone give me some insight or ideas cause we are running out of them and im running out of my ability to deal with this pain and suffering please help! :'(


Hey bud, well, I can only imagine what you are going through now and it cannot possibly be anything pleasant at all. Hip bursitis is very dangerous and if not treated properly, could cause you plenty of issues. I would strongly suggest you to make an appointment with a private doctor, pay all it takes and don't gamble with your hip. This is very concerning because my mother has gone through the same thing and it was extremely excruciating for her. So, my advice for you is to make a private appointment as soon as possible and it will all sort out.