At my routine scan(12 weeks) I found that my baby has stopped growing after week 9. I just had my D&C operation done yesterday. It went well( I had the same op 7 months ago and knew what to expect) but just before I was about to be discharged I felt very unwell and collapsed. I came round rather quick but my blood pressure and heart pulse were dangerously low.I felt that I was soaking with blood. As soon as I felt stronger I went to the bathroom assisted by a nurse and I passes a large clot (almost the size of my fist).I was very shocked because I thought that the D&C would empty my womb. I wasn't told why this happened by the medical staff. They told me that I collapsed because I was dehidrated. After I was given water and put on a drip my blood pressure was satisfactory enough to be discharged from the hospital. If someone has had similar experience or knows what exacly happened please get in touch.