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Hello ladies I recently had an abortion due to miscarriage the baby had stopped growing and the heart stopped and me and my fiancé wants to try again and I know you are supposed to wait 3 weeks until you resume sexual activities but is it okay to conceive again after those 3 weeks and am I more fertile right now I had a surgical abortion on March 27th I was 13 weeks at time but my ob told me the embryo was only at about 9 weeks meaning I had been carrying the baby 4 weeks after he was already dead and right now it's hard not to worry about miscarrying again


Yes it will be hard but maybe talk to your partner and see if you can go for counciling I know it is not everybody's cup of tea but I could help if you don't want another baby you need to tell you partner but that doesn't mean you can have fun in the bed room you can take a pill and have safe sex but if you do want to have another go, go for it but I would wait a little whole about a month them try again just keep positive and you will do it what ever you decide xxx hope I helped xx