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3 weeks after possible conception my partner carried out a home test using Clearblue and the test was positive. Later that day, she repeated it with a Boots own brand and the test result was negative. The next day it was repeated with Clearblue again and the result was another negative, but on a 4th test later the 2nd day with Boots own brand it came up positive!! The means 2/4 home tests were positive.

Following these results, she provided a urine sample to her Doctors for proper testing and they claim it is negative.

She claims she was having a contraceptive injection for the last 9 months, also I didn't ejaculate inside her. What are the chances of her being pregnant?

Thanks in anticipation of a reply from someone thoughtful enough to help in giving a good answer.


my goodness mines 1more tests then you, lol, laugh out loud.
I had the same problem though i was trying to fall pregnant,
my first 2 tests were negitive my 3rd i had 1 line and a faint 2nd line i went to the doctors and was negitive entirely, i did another home test and was 1 line and 2nd faint which suggested pregnancy after reading the phamplet its sugessted my hcg level were low so i drank plenty of water one morning rushed to the doctor and then it proved itself positive.
first moring urine is ussually best and i used home prgnency test discover one step.