im 17 years old and Ive been having a constant head ache for about 4 days now only in the front of my head (by my temples) and dizziness everyday for 4 days that comes and goes. the dizziness feels like i cant focas on an object and it makes the object blurry. it makes me feel very weak like im super tired and i just want to put my head down. Once i put my head down i feel almost completely better but as soon as i look up again i go back to feeling all these symptoms and i get a sick feeling in my stomach like im going to throw up but i dont. i been eatting healthy and drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins, so i have no clue what it could be. my mom said it could be allergies because everything is starting to bloom. but that only explains the heachache not the dizziness or sick feeling.

Please help, im trying to figure out if this is something i should go to the doctor for or not.