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Im 20 just turened and iv been feeling sick, dizzy like im going to pass out, tummy ache, some times muscle in stomach ache, feeling like i cant breathe properly and tired. I have been experianceing this for a lil over a year now, iv been to the doctors a number of times at first he said i have stomache ulcers but hese symptoms still persisted and so i went back, he then said it was all in my head. I dont no what to do iv had these symptoms for tooo long and no one seems to no what is wrong with me i also had a panic attack because of this and thats when it really hit me, its effecting my day to day life i cant physically do any think any more i cant go out i cant do any think and im only younge and its effecting me pretty badly, its gotten so bad i have also considered suicide as i simply feel usless and i cant go on like this as i dont no how iv got this far. I want to be back to my normal happy bubbly self but im findong it hard to even pretend every think is ok, im confused and tired of it all now. I have also cryed alot because of this and its getting me so down i just feel rubbish everyday and useless. Please can some one point me in the right direction i really really really want to be normail again i worry that every day i wake up it could be my last so any one that can helpme please! Email me i will get it quicker my address is . Please can anhy one help i had to drop out of college because of this so right no with the way im feeling i cant go on, iv also had jobs but felt so rubbish with the symptoms above i couldnt handle i also feel i cant swoolow properly, im begging for some one to please help me and point me in the right direction, im scared and get panicy alot because ov the breathing feeling mainly i just want to be back to the old me. So any one with advice please email me i would appriciate it sooo much


Did you ever find out what's wrong? I'm also looking for answers...Thanks