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I've been having problems for the past two years or so. I've went to the hospital as well as the doctor several times and found no answer.

I would have a constant off and on pain on the side of my body near where my kidneys are located or above them. At times I would have pain near where my uterus is (or my bladder.) No burning when I pee and no discharge. My appetite would go from normal to barely there. A type of burning sensation would feel around my stomach to the point that I have to lay on my back to not feel sick.

The hospitals always ruled it as minor UTIs and gave me medication, even though I drink cranberry juice as well as water.

I went and did blood work, ultrasound, everything came out negative and it always resulted in 'constantly UTIs.' I would end up having around 3-5 UTIs per year.

My doctor recently gave me Sulfameth/trimeth because I had the same problems (again for the third time in less than a month or so) and after taking it I started to felt sick all the time. It was on par to food poisoning; I could not eat anything and I would have to drink stomach medication to even drink water. After finishing my medication my appetite is still not back yet. It goes up and down and I can only eat maybe a small bowl of food each day (sometimes one meal a day.) At times I can't drink or eat anything without keeping it down. I usually feel sick off and on all day.

My bowls are not regular; I was constipated at first (probably due to the stomach medication) but now they are coming out but small; they sink to the bottom of the toilet. 

I'm going to the doctor but I'm scared because I'm taking too much medication for UTIs and I'm afraid its something else.


Still having the same issues. Trying to get another doctor. They ran a CT scan and found weird lumps near my lower intenstints. Might have to do test on my colon.

Starting to see blood on my stools but I have no idea if that's from straining or something else.