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Ever since last Wednesday (1/20), I've had a constant stomach ache that just won't go away.. it's got different feelings too.. sometimes it'll feel like I'm gonna throw up, sometimes it'll feel like my stomach is doing flips, and sometimes it feels like a knife in my stomach.. I don't know what the heck it is... It's kept me up most nights because it hurts so bad.. and eating something sometimes helps, but not always. And it typically gets worse at the end of the day around 6ish.
I've tried taking Pepto, but that doesn't help.. I don't know what else to do.. and we can't really afford to go to a doctor right now.. but if we absolutely have to, we will :/

Any thoughts on what it is?

For a while I was thinking it was stress because my boyfriend broke up with me on Tuesday last week, but it hasn't gone away and it's driving me crazy..

Any help is much appreciated!!


Well, if anyone reads this, I was doing some digging and I think it might be IBS.. but I don't know. All the symptoms fit, so that's what I think it is.
Anyone else?