Hi everyone

I really hope someone here can help me. My Gyn is great, but hasnt been much help on this one...

Im 32, I had cervical displaysia and a LEEP procedure 13 years ago, and I have a family history of endometrial cancer (youngest was 24 at the time).  My current problem is this: About 10 months ago, I started having this watery discharge (and just to be clear, Im not talking about ovulation mucus. When I say watery, I mean WATER. there is no consistency to it. There is no mucus of any kind. Its just water). It has been constant for all these months, only getting thick and normal around the time I ovulate. No vaginal pain or itching or anything like that, and there is no odor. 

I went for my annual pap in May, and it came back abnormal (mild displaysia --CIN 1), so I had a biopsy, which came back negative. Totally negative! Not even showing mild dispalysia! Now, that should be a good thing, but when I first got the results of the pap, i figured that at least displaysia would explain the watery discharge. But, no.

So now Im wondering if there's something else causing the discharge, or was the biopsy a false negative? Or maybe the pap was actually picking up something else? I read somewhere that in rare circumstances, the pap can pick up some stray endometrial cells that happen to have strayed down the cervix at that moment. Maybe thats whats going on.  My endometrial lining is too thick (had a sonogram about 6 weeks ago), but my gyn assumed it was because i havent been getting full periods. Ever since the cervical biopsy, i only bleed very lightly for a few hours (yes, i said hours. that wasnt a typo) each month. It does make perfect sense that that would make my endometrium build up...but could it be, maybe, that it was too thick to begin with?  Im supposed to go back for a repeat pap in november, but Im really nervous to wait that long. When I saw my doctor about my periods (or lack therof), I was prescribed medicine to bring on a real period, but I havent taken it yet. Im scared of the side effects. I guess Ill have to give in and take that and see what it does, so I can go back to find out if my endometrium is still too thick after a full period. Ive been having pretty bad lower abdominal pain this past month, but its probably from the thickened endometrium.  Oh, and the doctor did do a culture when i first mentioned the discharge, and another one in May, and I dont have any infection...Im sorry if Im rambling. I do that when I get nervous...

Simply, my question is: Can a watery discharge like mine be caused by anything other than an infection or cancer? Can it ever just be a normal thing? Aside from scaring the hell out of me, its also very uncomfortable. Im always really really dry, cause water has no lubricating effect.  So Im always technically wet, but essentially dry. It's like lubing up by pouring water into your vagina. Not really helpful. The skin around my clit and inner labia keeps cracking from the dryness. Its making me crazy. Does anyone know anything about this?

I would really appreciate any help anyone has to offer

thanks a bunch!