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I am a 21 year old female. I am sexually active with 1 partner and we use condoms every time because I am not on any other forms of BC. Two months ago i got my first yeast infection. I had the symptoms (itching, cottage cheese odor-less discharge) and so I bought Monistat1. Got my period 2 days later and I felt like the infection had gone away.

Then 2 weeks later I started to feel yeast infection symptoms again. I was so angry! I had never gotten them before and now they wont go away. I used monistat3 this time. the itching went away, but I never felt like the yeast-y discharge had gone away. I wasn't sure if I still had a yeast infection because even though there was no itch, the thick, white discharge was still present. I started to feel too dry and uncomfortable during sex, even without feeling any itching.

I visited the gyno for the first time. She said it looked like yeast to her. She gave me a pap smear, and prescribed me 2 doses of Diflucan (Take one tablet, then another in 5 days). I just looked up my lab test results today. I tested negative for all the STDs. It also says I tested negative for BV. However, in the section regarding the Vaginitis Panel, it says "CANDIDA: not detected." But, in the Gyn Final Report section, it says "Fungal organismsmorphologically consistent with Candida spp. are noted." So I am confused as to whether it's saying I had a yeast infection or not.

On top of that, It's been a week since my first dose of the medication, and 2 days since my second dose, and I'm still seeing the discharge that seems irregular to me, without feeling any itching or burning. I have no idea what's wrong with me. I want to start having sex with my partner again but I am afraid it will still be uncomfortable.


How did your issue resolve? I'm experiencing the exact same thing!