Dermatologists are warning about the dangers of Polylactic acid (PLA), a cosmetic enhancement used to decrease volume loss around the eyes. They say that is this enhancer is injected improperly that it may lead to disfigurement.

Many practitioners inject PLA superficially which shouldn’t be done that way, especially around eyes. Dermal fillers are injected superficially to smooth the wrinkles but this material doesn’t act like a dermal filler. PLA has to be injected deep below the muscles to serve as a safe and effective agent.

Those women who had been injected PLA superficially all developed nodules and suffered inflammation.

The biggest problem with injections and fillers these days is that many of them are new and unproven and which is even worse done by inexperienced practitioners rather than experienced doctors.

Most of these procedures are done too quickly and too carelessly and patients need to take care of themselves by not letting everyone do them. Patients should also refrain from trying new products on the market but wait for the procedure to improve and mature over the years.