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Halo sir,...i hv got this cough problem for the past 5-6 months back...earlier it felt like something is stuck in the throat...nd when i try to cough nothing came out.....but these days some amount of white thick material comes out sometimes when i cough out....and i constantly keep clearing my throat and keep on as if swallowing something so that the cough goes down.It always feels like..if some cough is stuck in the throat. its really irritating....plz help me out. with this symptom i am also having shoulder pain sometimes.It would be really thankful 2 u if i get rid of my problem.


i have been coughing for over a month now.  I went through a ten day course of amoxilian, along with codine cough medicine.  the codine slowed my cough down at night time but then in the morning my chest was so clogged up that a was gagging to open it up.  The doctor now has given me a six day steroid pack to help but I am on the fifth day and it's not getting better.  The doc also gave me "perle drops" for the cough, but I can't tell anything with them.  My big issue is the constant weezing at work and home, I have no temperture,  I am not a smoker or drinker, I am 5'10" 205 pounds, not too much overweight...been this weight for 20 years,  I am 64 years old.  often when I start coughing I will get some flim up but it is mostly white without the yeallow or green tint that usually comes with colds and such.  usually the coughing makes me gag and then becomes uncontrolled to the point of tears and intense head pressure.  I seem to be having spells through the night about three or four times as well as coughing choiking spells during the day and evening times.