Hello, I am 18 years old and I have recently been having some strange, persistent symptoms. I have always been very healthy (I don't think I have ever had to go to the doctor for an illness.) Lately I have been experiencing a very sore throat, but it isn't like a sore throat I have felt before. It doesn't hurt when I cough or swallow, it's just a dull pain that gets more intense throughout the day. I've also been experiencing headaches and a VERY sore neck. The back of my neck has been killing me and I don't think that is caused from stress considering I'm 18 years old and I have nothing to stress about. Aside from that, I recently picked up a cough that I think is unrelateable because it is starting to go away but you never know. The areas under my ear, right by the rounded edge of my jaw bone, sometimes swell up and cause pain. I have been experiencing this for about 3 months now. The pain is sometimes not noticeable and sometimes it hurts so bad I can barely focus on anything. I went to the doctor and she said it was post nasal drip and prescribed me a steroid to stop the nasal drip. This worked for about 2 days and the pain came back. My last wisdom tooth has halfway grown in and it hurts whenever I push on it, but whenever I'm not pushing on it I feel no apparent pain in my tooth. (I don't know if it hurts because it is still growing in, but my others did not feel like that whenever they were coming in.) I smoke about 9 cigarettes a day (marijuana occasionally) and I have for about 2 years now. There's no redness on the back of my throat and my right tonsil, the tonsil on the side where my wisdom tooth is growing in, has been swollen and puffy with a white covering on  and off throughout the 3 months. Along with tonsil pain, I've been spitting/coughing up tonsil stones, which I have NEVER done before. This has really affected my daily life and the pain is excruciating at times. Anyone else experiencing these problems or have any answers? All opinions are respected and appreciated.