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Hi, I originally had my eyes swollen shut at age 20 after giving birth to my first son, since then doctors have told me i have fibromyalgia, patella femmoral, i have lost my uterus, ovaries and my large intestine stopped working. I am now 39 and my eye has swollen shut again for no reason and my joints are all swollen, thus I finally have the diagnosis of graves disease after 19 years. could this be the cause of my organs shutting down over the years and right now i am on high dosages of predisone and my eyes are still swelling. my thyroid count is 18 but I have every other symptom that goes along with this disease. I am seeing a rheumatologist and don't really know how advanced I am, the doctors won't tell me. Can you?


Hello! One thing I can tell you for sure. Your eye problems are definitely connected with Grave’s disease.
Now, a distinction must be made between mild eyes signs of “poppy” eyes as they are called and graves’ eye disease. “Poppy” eyes are a common symptom of hyperthyroidism. The “poppy” eyes may be followed by eyelid spasm due to the excessive thyroid hormones work.

On the other hand, Graves' eye disease is an autoimmune disorder. Some patients who have the eye disease don’t even develop hyperthyroidism. In this disease, antibodies react with proteins in eye muscle and the connective tissue and fat around the eyeball. The main symptom of the disease is inflammation of the eye tissues. I suppose you have developed the disease since you are taking anti-inflammatory drug. The eyes may get painful, red and watery and the coverings of the eye swollen. Tissues around the eyes get swollen from fluids and eyes buldge. You may get blurred vision due to all of this.
There is no satisfactory treatment for the grave’s eye disease yet. Hyperthyroidism is treated instead. Patients whose conditions get worse are treated with strong drugs such as steroids or immunosuppressive drugs to prevent the unlikely occurrence of optic nerve swelling.
You didn’t give much information about what exactly happened to your uterus and ovaries, so it is impossible to relate them to the graves’.