This is probably the strangest situation that's been posted on these boards.
A few months ago, I smoked some marijuana with some people I don't know too well. I remember most of the experience, however, I had a paranoid suspicion that I could have had sex with one of the people. I don't remember this happening, but I've been paranoid, and I think people are talking about me, and that the people I smoked with are too, and it's all just a terrible situation, but I'm too scared to ask if any of this happened.

However, to bolster this suspicion, I've acquired some strange symptoms. First, about a week after this possible encounter, I noticed a small, red acne-looking pimple near my anus. It didn't hurt, and it wasn't a blister that broke and healed over--like the common symptom of genital herpes. However, I was scared and it went away after a few weeks.

I was paranoid even further, when a few weeks later I noticed some symptoms that are connected to gonorrhea. I checked with the doctor, and she concluded through a test that I did not have gonorrhea. However, I didn't mention the herpes symptoms because I had written that off by then.

However--this is a few months after going to the doctor's office--I've started to notice, small, acne-type bumps on my buttocks. They're the type of pimples that aren't painful, and that don't break. They are only about three or four, total, and they aren't clustered.

The final symptom is weird. I can vaguely remember having this symptom for years, but I don't know if it could have been exaggerated by possible herpes. There seems to be a row of small bumps, that follow an exact line from below my scrotum area to my anus. I can't visible see them, but I can feel them. They aren't large, but after feeling them for a while in panic, a thin line of skin (that almost looks like a scar) is visible.

--Now, I don't know if this is just a product of my imagination, because I've never had sex, except for this hypothetical situation. I started working out regularly a few months ago, too, so that might account for the acne on my buttocks as sweat can be responsible for acne. I can also vaguely remember having the line of bumps near my anus, too, and it might just be some birth-mark type thing. However, I've succumbed to my paranoia from this situation, and I need some closer.

I guess my biggest question is:

Although I don't have the classic signs of herpes (blisters, pain, etc.) I have some other, less talked about symptoms. If your symptoms are acne, is it painful, and is it likely obvious that it's something else than just acne?