I'm close to getting my period, so this started about 4 days ago. I'm starting on my period today.

There are bumps on my labia majora, they are flesh colour for the most part, red when I touch them, but they aren't irritating or itchy. No pain either. They aren't puss filled or anything.

My labia minora was irritated and itchy at first, although this symptom has gone away.

I was keeping myself dry down there, in hopes of helping the bumps go away, and that's when it burned to wipe myself, but it never burns to pee. So I think the burning from the wiping is from excessive dryness down there.

I was worried at first that it could be Herpes, but it does not look like herpes, I also do not have any herpes symptoms aside from "bumps". They never formed blisters, don't have cuts (that I didn't cause from scratching and such), and only a couple had white heads the size of a pin head easily popped, after going a whole day without really drying myself down there (only used the bathroom once since I was super busy that day), so I think that was due to build up of moisture.

However, I do have white vaginal discharge, although it's yellow at times too. It's mostly thick. I went through a dry bought, had it a bit runny, and now it's back to thick.

I've looked at my vagina, and it seems to have a whitish appearance, what I mean is, the labia minora. This is a bit abnormal for me, but appears to be similar to what I've seen of Thrush pictures (well some of them. There are varying pictures out there).

I've read, but could only find brief information, that Thrush can cause bumps on the vagina.

Is this true, and if so, what kind of bumps (what do they look/feel like)? Do I even sound like I have thrush?

Thank you for any help.