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think i might be pregnant i took a test today and it came out negative but i think i took it early
because im suppose to get my period in 13 days so should i have waited until then? [ Because i know it says you can take it up to 5 days before your missed period ]

i had sex about 2 weeks ago and sometime before then
my boyfriend ejaculated in me and i dont know if its to early to have these symptoms i had them for about a week but now i dont have them so much. Is it normal for them to come an go?
These are the symtoms.....
-nausea(but i haven't got morning sickness)
-mood swings
-abdominal cramps
-and today i had this weird feeling in my breasts it was like a tingling sensation almost like when you get butterflies in your stomach but it was in my breasts is that normal?
can someone please help i would really like to know if i might be pregnant and when i should take another pregnancy test


I have the same symptoms as you do and I really want to know if I am even if my preg ttest came out negative pleaseee answerrr :(