Hello everyone. I've had significant digestive issues for about a year now. I finally convinced my doctor to do some testing. Gallbladder disease runs strong in my family so my doctor decided to order an abdominal ultrasound and a HIDA scan. Both tests showed no evidence of stones, but the HIDA scan indicated the my gallbladder was 40% functional. I was referred to a surgeon and my doctor told me I would need it removed. My appointment with the surgeon is not until June. I am currently in pain every day, although not severe. Every day I feel the squeezing pain in my upper right and it radiates to my back. I'm nauseated every day and feel just burp a lot and get nauseated after eating, no matter what I eat, but especially fatty foods. I have acid reflux often, and the HIDA scan indicated that I was having bile reflux. I also get pains on my left side. Could this be a side effect of a bad gallbladder? Could it be gastritis?
For someone my age, who does not have gallstones, yet has gallbladder disease (without stones) running in the family, should I be alarmed or searching for an underlying cause (cancer? o.O) to my poor gallbladder function?
I am trying to schedule an endoscopy before I meet with the surgeon to make sure I don't have esophageal, duodenal, or stomach damage due to my frequent indigestion and reflux problems.
Some reassurance would be nice too... I've heard it's rare to have poor gallbladder function in the absence of stones in someone my age unless theres a "serious illness" underlying and it's scaring me! :-(