38 Y/O, BMI 33%. Fairly active Was a semi-heavy drinker for 10 years. Pain in my RUQ just under my ribs closer to the centerline(gallbladder area) as well as corresponding back area. Constant dull and bearable pain almost like fullness. The triggers seemed to be sickness, Alcohol and Hydrocodone all set it off. After it sets off it takes 3-5 days to calm down. Tests done include Ultrasound, HIDA Scan(gallbladder normal EF 60%), Endoscopy, colonoscopy(slight microscopic colitis), Abdominal CT, Chest, spine X-rays. Blood, (slight anemia), Kidney function tests and LFT’s. All normal results. Both my doctors (internist, gastro) are stumped and just tell me to lose some weight and exercise and come back in 3 months. I have a few other symptoms that I attribute to either the stress of this or my slight anemia, but to list them. Tiredness, slight occasional lightheadedness, occasional skin irritation(back), acne. I also have more frequent loose stools, but that i assume is the colitis. I have tried elimination diets dairy, gluten, sugar no changes. Its always there but mild. I gave up all drinking for 6 weeks and the day I had 2 drinks at a BBQ it set off again…My doctors basically wont check anything else without new symptoms, but something is definitely wrong. They assure me it is not my Liver, kidneys or gallbladder. I am soo stressed by this if anyone has similar issues please comment your findings