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Okay so I think i am about 3-4 weeks pregnant and im having some really awful cramping. Is this normal?? I went to the E.R and they said I was pregnant. So they did an ultr-sound and a vaginal ultra-sound and they couldnt find the location of the baby. They said it could be because I was to early. The thing that worries me is they didnt say anything about my cramping. Im up all night because of the pain but it is not as bad as in the morning. So im mainly cramping at night, and it feels like menstral cramping. What should I do? should I be worried? Because I am. What can I do to help ease it? and get some sleep because I am running on little to no sleep! HELP


Calm down, it'll only make it worse... i know it's hard. Try to put a heating pad on your tummy, it could ease it up a little bit.. if it doesn't slow down or stop soon, i would recommend going to the doctor.