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I had a bunionectomy in August on each foot. I have lost a lot of movement on the right foot and still have some pain. The left foot was very painful and both toes are extremely crooked. In January I had a second bunionectomy on my left foot and a screw placed. I still have moderate pain, especially with lots of walking. I have noticed a round spot that is getting larger underneath my toe almost like the screw came through and is working it's way out the bottom. Is this possible? Also, both toes now bend sideways at the second joint, literally the top half if each toe bends toward the pinky toe. Has anyone had this issue? Can it be fixed and is it worth it? I wish I could undo all the surgery and just live with the original pain and disfigurement. I would appreciate any advice if you've had similar issues.



bunionectomy is very notorious for being surgical procedure that causes a lot of trouble after it's been done. It can take up to a year or more for your bones, muscles and the surrounding tissue to heal completely and it very often happens that you lose sensation in the area surrounding your big toe.

As far as the screw is concerned, I think it would be the best if you discussed this with the surgeon or your physician. It's hard to say what exactly is happening without at least x-ray image of the foot and the screw.

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