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Take a look at my training schedule:

My June/ July

and my August/September schedule

This originally came from the Bob Glover Book for the novice marathoner. I think I then incorporated and added ideas from other programs.
I don't have my cross-training listed on this table, or made any designations on what type of runs I am doing, other than my Sunday hill runs yet.

My questions:
Do I have my long runs too close together?
Is it do-able for the longer Wednesday runs and Saturday runs?
Do I have too many long runs? I think I have one extra one, just in case my schedule changes.

Background running info: I've been running for a year, I'm 38 female, I've never had an injury (knocking on wood). I've been running an average of about 20 MPW since October 03.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Well, being a newbie at this myself, I've got nuthin for you, practical advice-wise.

But I will say way to go! Great of you to put a plan together, and even better your asking this group for input. I'd say you should get some straight advice from this group, they're never shy on that front! Ok, let's face it, they're never shy on ANY front...

Are you training for a particular race?


Schedule looks great, I only have one minor, minor suggestion. I wouldn't make my mid week run more than 50% of my long run for the week.

My other, not so minor suggestion, is I wouldn't have 20 mile runs back to back. You've been blessed with no injuries so far, and you'll need the time to recover. I think it's great to get in more than one 20 miler, but plenty of people get by with only one, or even less. Maybe use the week of your reunion as a step back week, and run 15 instead. (of course, this is just my opinion)

I'm impressed. Your schedule looks fantastic, and doable.


I'm being totally honest here. You asked so I'm being honest...

Rethink your long run days. they are scattered and not on a basis schedule. alos I see no time OFF. A few days here and there, but no light weeks for recovery. Which in my world is more important then the actual training.

I also see you breaking the 10% rule and your long runs are run every weekend. You also have a hard hill workout scheduled the day AFTER a long run... Nono, that should be a recovery run done at low HR.

Since the race is in September, you need to concentrate on the LONG runs and the speed work.

What is your goal time and which marathon are you doing? PM me if you want to talk about it off the major highway.

Eitherway, best off luck.



I think as long as you don't have back to back hard runs or workouts, you should be ok. Because you need the day after to recover from the previous day's run.