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I am almost two weeks with a misperiod and I have an appointment on Friday to see a doctor so I can set my mind at rest. I've have about 4 HTP that all have come out negative but the thing is I've never missed a period. I have an ovarian cyst that I found out about because of severe pain I was having about 3 years ago, was told by th ER that it was not a big deal but to follow up with my reg. Dr. But having to insurance I never went back. Anyway I only that cyst can also prevent pregnancies but I am 26 years old and if I am pregnant I would just be so happy because I always thought I would have a hard time conceiving, but if I'm Not ofcourse I will be so disappointed. A week ago I was in so much pain that I couldn't even walk, sit, or go to the restroom, I'm very much familiar with this pain because I always get it when I'm ovulating after my period, but in this case I haven't had my period this month and I'm just a bit confused!? Has anyone been in this type of situation before? Where you pregnant or not? The whole waiting game is just so frustrating :(


u can visit a doctor to know if ur pregnant