Hello, my hsband and i are trying to conceive, but for some reason, it does not work... could it be because i'm getting too stressed out and excersing at the gym? Does that affect it? When I aborted in 04, it was only 3 weeks old. I didn't want to do it, but i did it because of my mother. I didn't want her to be depressed because i wasn't married yet. I was going to get married that same year, but conceiving on the wrong time. Will that affect my next pregnancy? I'm scared and cry everytime I think about what I did that year. Yes, I do regret it a whole lot. I am Christian and I did it simply because of not disappointing my family of becoming pregnant before marriage.
My sister-in-law aborted 4 times and still was able to get pregnant and i only did it once, and nothing.
Please let me know...I've been trying to conceive this monht, but my period came. I was disappointed. But i'm not giving up. Please let me know your response to this!!!