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Hi, im 18 yrs old, i've been sexual active for around a year now. I've been getting this very dark spotting for the past 3 days. The last couple days its been kind of watery - i have never had this before. A couple months ago I was on the pill only for a couple days before i decided I didn't want to be on it. My period last month was fine. I have been on and off the pill for around 2 years, and i have never had this.

I am embarassed to say but im still not sure the exact dates of ovulation, and exactly how it works. Last month I got my period on the 15. I had unprotected sex on the 30th - although he pulled out, im still aware that there is still a chance of being pregnant. Im wondering if that were to be the case, but like i said im not sure what dates i would start to have symptoms, like the spotting thats occuring.

I would really appreciate any kind of feed back asap, it would really help! Thanks


You don't mention how long your cycle is, but if it is around 30 days then you had the unprotected sex around the time you would have been ovulating. Withdrawal method is not a very reliable method of birth control, and since you aren't regularly taking pills then pregnancy is a possibility.
Spotting from implantation generally occurs a few days before the period is due. If you are late for your period, take a home pregnancy test. Good luck