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I had what I thought was a tiny pimple (red bump) on my nose. for over a month. It healed differently than normal leaving a tiny, dark red area in the middle (slightly bigger than a the tip of a pin) as it healed. It left a pink spot smaller than the tip of an eraser behind after the dark red area went away.

The pimples and red marks left by pimples that normally affect my nose do not last as long as this. This weekend I noticed some faint peeling around the pink mark and then yesterday I woke up and the area around where the "pimple" was was peeling horribly and a few other circular peeling patches had developed near that spot. THe skin looks like it is getting better and then starts peeling again in a circular manner. There no redness, just peeling, and it does not itch or hurt. The area under the peeling looks fairly normally and if I remove the peeling part the skin underneath is only the faintest bit pink.

I am going to set up an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow, but I have no idea how long it will take to see him. I have never had anything quite like this before. I did not get burned so I am not certain what could be causing this. From what I read, it does not look like cancer or ringworm, however, you never know.

Anyone have any thoughts regarding what this is?



i had something similar to that...put aloe vera on it!! it really does help tremendously and heals it better than if you don't put anything on it.