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Dear Doctor,
I am worried i may have the molluscum contagiosum virus.
I'm male and aged 44.
I get small white headed pimples in my pubic hair, they itch a little but not much....
I squeezed a several of them to reveal a hard is small lump in each - no puss or goo, just this small white lump about 1mm or smaller and each one looks the same, leaving a small wound that bleeds for a while until it scabs over & vanishes eventually a few days later.
The problem has occured in the last 5 weeks. I have a fiance of 12 months now & neither of us are premiscious or have had any other sexual partners during our time together.

I have examined my self thoroughly & am quite sure that it's not pubic lice.

I find & remove about 4 of these small pimples every few days.

Obviously im very concerned about this & want to know what it could be, before i go to a sexual health clinic. Also, is there any treetment i can do for this myself - ie any creams or medicated skin washes/shampoos etc i can buy over the counter that will clear this up.

You suggestions or advice is appreciated.

Kindest regards


Hi! I wouldn't rush to the conclusion if I were you. I'm not a doctor, and I believe this is not the place to look for one. Still if it is a molluscum contagiosum this is what I found. Treatment for molluscum contagiosum is not always mandatory. The lesions often disappear by themselves and heal without scarring unless infected by bacteria. Removal of lesions reduces the rate of spread to other people as well as from one part of the body to another, which happens by touching the lesions (called autoinoculation). Genital lesions in adults should be treated in order to prevent spread through sexual contact.The most popular treatments are scraping of the lesions (called curettage) or removal using heat (called cautery) or cold (called cryotherapy, a procedure performed with liquid nitrogen). I hope this will help you.