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I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 months, he initiated the "dating" part by asking if I wanted to be his girlfriend I said yes, and ever since then he's been at my house or I'm at his literally everyday! With the exception of a couple days. Well lately I would say the past 3 weeks I've glanced at his phone when he is sitting next to me (I know stupid) but I saw 3 different girls he was texting, girl a- lives in a different state, girl b and girl c- live in our town. He was saying kinda raunchy things to girl a and to girls b and c he was calling them sexy (which he calls me) and talking about wanting to meet up with them and then when it comes time to meet them he ends up just staying at my house or his and never meets them making up some excuse as to why he couldn't, but since we started dating 2 months ago he's told me numerous times how glad he is that he met me, he likes me, he cares for me, he's fed me, taken care of me, and we are always together. And girl b- he was really talking to but now not so is it too soon for me to bring it up? Is it too soon for him to not be fully sure about me? Cuz he asks me at least once a week if I'm talking to anyone else and I say no cuz I'm not and I ask him and he says no that I'm the only girl that he's talking like talking talking to. I'm new to this dating thing so I don't know how to react or feel or what to say SO PLEASS HELP!!


Hello I hope all is well with you. In your situation I would recommend putting yourself first as in "have self worth", you are the one who either allows or doesn't allow things to happen. Self worth and communication is the key to successful relationships, confront him about those things and tell him that you have seen how he calls those girls "sexy", explain to him that if he tells that to every girl that it doesn't make you feel special nor makes you feel like he really means all those nice things he's said towards you. Let him know that you are not blind that you can see what he texts to other people, and if he says "why are you being nosy?" or "you read wrong" or "we've been friends for a long time that's how we have always talked" then just tell him "it's nothing to get upset about it's just that when you asked me to be your girlfriend I expect to be the only girl, not just the number one girl out of a group of girls." Although you guys are officially going out as girlfriend and boyfriend, it seems to me he wants options to rely on if you end up leaving him, assure him that you like him as well, never forget guys need as much lovey dovey stuff as girls do. You guys have been going out for 2 months and honestly i think that is such a short time and you should have said something since you noticed, but it does mean it is early enough for you guys to set things straight, from the beginning of the relationship. He shouldn't be like "talking talking" to any other girl if you are his girlfriend, there is a difference from being someone's girlfriend and just casually dating. Dating is like when you see a guy when he asks you on dates and you see each other or talk frequently, that should take time in order for you to see what kind of person he is and to see if he is worth your time. kind of like what you guys are doing, but it leaves you open with options of your own as well, to talk to other guys and go on dates. If you think he is worth your time, then pretty much just talk to him about what has been bothering you, and if he doesn't want to change the way he talks to other girls then have self worth, put your foot down and Don't let him sweet talk you into believing that it's ok for him to do that. It is not right for any guy to say things to other girls that pertain to you. staying in a relationship that will only end up hurting you is not healthy. I've had my share of "unhealthy" relationships, and I ended up hurt bad.. I couldn't bring myself to confront them at the time and I was continuously hurting, of course I wasn't with them at the same time. Different relationships with different people. but with only one guy. think about the things that have been bothering you and slightly upsetting you, and that you are only bringing these things up because of the way it has been making you feel. That you are not there to yell, fight, or have any uneasy emotions, that you just want to resolve what's going on with those girls that you have seen the messages from. Tell him you are not that kind of girl who likes to share a guy. If he doesn't understand sometimes the hardest things are the best choices. hope this helped some.