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Hi Yall! My name is FemaleCookieMonster;) and I'm 14 years old:). I have a crush on a boy who lives in brampton. I've liked him for 9 months now, and I just like him because of his personality. He's really cute and such a sweetheart! But he dates many girls, and flirts with my friends. He never notices me. I don't know what to do. How do I get his attention? Should I just move on? Someone help me pleaseee!:).


   The first step in a relationship is TRUST. First you need to ask yourself, if by chance you end up together with him, will you be able to trust him? If not then maybe you are not ready for this type of relationship. I learned in my Theology of the Body class that you shouldn't get with a guy unless you plan to marry him or you see yourself marrying him. I know this sounds a bit vague but if you think about it, you are only 14! You have a whole life ahead of yourself and shouldn't worry too much about relationships. But if you really must need a way to get his attention then I'll give you my secret. Be the type of girl who listens. Even if you have no idea what he is talking about-listen to every thing he says. Smile, and be there for him as a friend. Show him that you care about him as a person. If he fails to see this then you shouldn't waste your time on him. Good luck.

(The only person who can make this happen is you. No one else can tell you what to do or say. Just be yourself and he is surely to like you for just you.)