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Hi guys! My name is Jaja and I'm 12 years old. need help! I dated this boy for 9 months, and I we broke up not to long ago. I had to break up with him because of my mom): Anyway, he told me that while we where dating that he liked 2 girls. I got really depressed. He still likes me, and I still like him, he tells me that I'm beautiful and that he loves me. It makes me feel special, but weird at the same time. Just today, he told me he's dating someone. Now I'm really depressed. I haven't eaten, or gotten out of bed cause I'm so upset. Can someone help me. What should I do? Thanks (:


ive had this problem recently i broke up with my girlfriend because she liked another guy , she lead me on. you should forget about him and try to move on. it may take some time but remember theres plenty more guys out there. relationships are not worth it at your age just thought i might say that :)