Today is day six off of suboxin. I only had a habit of 6-7 10/325 vicodins a day,.then used three 2mg boxin's to try and quit,.made em last three days, by just biting a nibble,.the last three days,.just enough to barely taste it,.its day 6 now,.and most withdrawls are gone,.still no energy,.and i get d=shakey leggs at night. The depression is the worst,.specially thinking bout the last 6 years i wasted on vicodin,.all the money my girl and I wasted,.and its true,.coming off any drugg,.is like losing your best friend,.just dreaming bout the routine is a b!@#$ to stop doing. I keep trying to forget my dealers numbers,.but its hard,.little thoughts try to pop in my head to justify why I should just do them again,.but I think of what would happen if I couldnt get my supply anymore? what then,.I dont want to go thru this again,.so I keep telling myself that I wont ever touch them again. I know we cant afford it. we were paying about 60$ aday for only 9 10/650 tabs. 3 fer 20$ for pills!!! couldnt find a doc,.I dont want to give a crackhead a single dime of my money ever again,.nor have my girlfriend stop in the ghetto to pick them up. I cant believe I risked her like that,.she had a gun but still,..My life will be much bettr off without opiates,.im in school and i cant do this if i dont have my pills,.u know? Im going to get thru school right,.and not have to worry bout missing class,.so i can go find some vicodin,.im sick of worrying bout if my guy's gonna be "Good" or not,.such a relief now,.but like I said,.knowing all that,.I still miss it,.so bad,.i wanna cry,.anyone got any advice for that?