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Ok, it's now day three of the subs. I feel worse than I did on day two but it's nothing that I can't handle. I slept through the night using my neurontin and xanax. Today I just took half of a pain pill to help with the WD's. I tell you what, if you don't feel bad about taking a pain pill (lortab, norco, hydro) I suggest you do it. It makes SUCH a difference. It doesnt get you "high", it just takes away some of the WD's. Slight bit of mudbutt but with immodium that is manageable as well. I set it up so that I had 9 days off from work before I took my last sub 3 days ago. I still try to keep active but knowing I dont have to go into my 12 hr work shift at night makes me feel good too. My friend said that when he went to work it made him feel better, so I think it's different for everyone. The leg pains are there and the sneezing and yawning ect..BUT ITS OK. It is NOT as bad as when I came off oxy's or methadone. Maybe it's because I prepared myself better this time, but peeps WE CAN DO IT!! More updates to come. Keep yer heads up!


How are doing? Still off subs? Rooting for you!!! I plan on jumping off sub very soon. I'm on 3/4 of a mg, gonna wean back down to a 1/4 mg then gonna start the taper where you " take it one day & skip the next" till I'm comfortable then I read a drs tapering method who was once an addict himself say that taking sub 1 day & skipping 2 days then 3 days helps your brain try to make the chemicals it should. Ive been emailing with an ex cop who made it all the way to just touching his tongue on a suboxone pill once every 8 days then he jumped off & is still clean & busting his butt to get his job back.

Hope your doing well, I know fighting to reclaim our lives back is one of the hardest things will ever do but were worth it & will find out thru this test if we can live a life free of meds or if were the type that should/ needs to be on meds.
I was addicted to pain pills 2 yrs & have been on recovery meds for nearly 8 yrs. Ridiculous in my opinion but recovery meds did what I hoped & desperately needed which was help me live a life free of pain pills. I've changed my life so much that I can no longer silence my inner voice that says its time to get off suboxone. I told my recovery group that ill either do it or realize I need it & so far not even acute WD has made me feel I need suboxone for life.
Let us know how u are!!! I know most who succeed rarely post back because their just so darn grateful to have survived!!