Hi I am 34 years old and I too am glad I found thus site. I never write my situation just read others who went through the same sit. I had two ectopic pregnacy as well. One 2000 and another in 2004. I know I have had chemical pregnacy and a few early misscarriages and my Dr. Now that I am seeing for I am about to undergo In vitro due to my damaged tubes . The Dr. And the hospital that did my tubal pregnacy procedure lied to me and said they saved my right tube and I still have partial of my left tube, leading me to believe I still had a chance to conceive. Until my husband finally got frustrated with them so he wanted to go to a fertility Dr. I am happy I have a wonderful loving husband. So we are now going through the steps and I am going to pray that in September the little beanie will stick ;) the Dr. Went and removed both of my damaged tubes and found scarring and fluids. He said it would give us a higher chance with the in vitro ; for it would give us a higher chance with no complication. Well back to the topic of bad Dr. and awful hospital . That's how I found out the facts about my history of what a bad job they did with the tubal surgury. I thank my new doctor who suggested to do a laparoscopy to see what was really causing the problem. Well I was ready and on my way when they finally got the medical history and like the above statement that's how he found out how bad of a job they did. That's when he gave me an alternative and said " he would remove any scarring and tubes that were damaged already" for I can not conceive other than IVF. Oops forgot to mention they tested hubbys (little soldiers ) lol and their counts were normal but mobility was a little sluggish:(... and right there in my gown we looked at each other and he was trying to keep calm. . And nurse staff and Dr. Was so supportive and sweet . Well I said leta do it. So I now have no tubes and going to my IVF. Trial tom. June 27 to make sure that I am good to go in September to do the beanie baby transfer. I am nervous And exited at the same time. That's not even the end of my story....my period was supposed to be due around the 25th and its short like lite flow foe a day and heavy for two then spotting.. I am sometimes late for A week sometimes two but that's normal by the way . It does not mean you are irregular. It may just be my hormones jumping like crazy or stress but its becoming normal now the stress .. I usually spot a day before AF comes, but never weird like pinkish with mucus(sorry t.m.I) also long story but I have been going through a lot ..well anyway only when I wiped. It started last night and put on a liner and nothing this morning. So I figured she will come any min . I told my hubby and he said "well we see Dr. Tom. So no worries and we did the did time thinking hey maybe we will bring the witch to come. Lol wow. I know .. still nothing but only when I go to the bathroom. I wish I would have called, for peace of mind . All I can do is read thread after thread about getting pregnant without tubes.. maybe this thread may not be read for it is tooooo long. Just to those who does . Breath take it easy.. for there are ways and medical procedure miracles!! I just giggle as I type thinking what if I am pregnant after all this undergoing limbo and poking And Dr. App. Baby dust to you all